Interdisciplinary action-research project on natural resources in central Africa



The debriefing is arguably the most important part of Land Rush. This phase invites the participants and the facilitator to reflect, analyse and further explore the issues that the game brought to surface. The purpose of the debriefing is first of all to draw parallels between the abstract experience of the game and everyday lives in the Global South. But the debriefing should also point to the shortcomings of the game in its representation of a complex reality.

We suggest to engage participants in an individual written debriefing first, and then into a collective, oral one. The written debriefing is a good tool to provide participants with an intimate space for reflection. It may also be used as a means for evaluation in academic settings. The video with 'key messages' can be used to structure the joint oral debriefing.

We suggest to organise the debriefing around three questions, or areas of reflection:


Invite the participants to reflect on three to four events that took place during the game. These may be factual, anecdotic events, emotional reactions from the participants or personal thoughts on the dynamics of the game.


Invite the players to reflect on the dynamics within the game, and to relate those dynamics to the real-life situations.


Invite the participants to reflect on the limitations of the game when compared to real-life dynamics. What aspects of real life are not captured by the game? How could the game be further complexified?


illustration land-rush