Interdisciplinary action-research project on natural resources in central Africa

The 'Land Rush' Project

This project aims to provide a better understanding of how the rush for land is affecting the fabric of society in Central Africa and the local chance for peace and stability. The team is collaborating with academic and civil society partners to adopt an innovative methodological approach in which a simulation game is transformed into community theatre for action-research. Land rush is a game that simulates the complex reality of access to and management of natural resources in developing countries. The developed methodology allows researchers to access people’s hidden transcripts. Researchers and civil society partners can then detect the deeper dynamics in land conflicts and insert a positive dynamic into community building projects.

The team includes researchers of a variety of disciplines and nationalities and collaborates intensively with academic and civil society partners in the South - specifically in South Kivu (DRC) and Rwanda - and in the North. The promotor of the project is An Ansoms, professor in development studies at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium).


illustration land-rush